Five Ways To Wear Floral In The Fall

Don't You Hate When You Have Your Favorite Jumpsuit But You Feel Like You Cant Wear It due To The Weather Changing? 


Here are 5 Ways To Style Florals During The Fall.


1. A Long Knit Solid Color Duster (Perfect For Keeping You Warm During The Cold Days and Nights) But If Your feeling daring a bold you can mix the prints. It will be soo chic!


2. A Cute Stylish Leather Jacket (You Give Off That NYC Vibe)


3. You Can Layer

ie: Floral Tank- Throw A Longsleve Shirt Under It with a bold statement necklace

4. Floral Skirt or Pants Have  A  Sold Color Top With Some Dope Thigh High Boots (This Look Would work for short or long skirts)

5. Have A Floral Jacket? You can slay an all beige or black outfit from head to toe. Think about it. It Will Make The Jacket Pop And Stand Out. After All, that's the goal.  To Want ToLook Fabolous!  



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