Top 5 Bodysuit Trends

Bodysuits have been trendy for last few years. They are everywhere, from magazine covers to the fashionable street styles. Even the most famous celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Gigi Hadid are adapting this gorgeous piece to make their style more fashion-forward.

These bodysuits give you that form-fitting super sexy shape and the easily tucked-in style is all we dreamed of for years. There is a wide range of styles and materials used in bodysuits. There are plenty of different styles to choose from, it is so unbeatable it might make you dazzled in choosing; but don’t worry our team is here to help. Around the variety of fabrics are Cotton, nylon, satin, mesh, and lace.

Here are our Top 5 Favorite Bodysuit Trends


1. The Classic Lace Bodysuit

Who says you can't wear your undergarment as a top? Break the rules and throw on a sexy lace bodysuit. (A styling trick is to wear a nipple cover or layer it with a lace bra..its so cute and it will blend well). It’s a sophisticated and chic look. The bodysuit can be adopted for a variety of occasions. You can style the classic lace bodysuit with leather skirts and strappy shoes, show off your curves ladies. the classic lace bodysuits are not just for going out. You can wear them with flared or wide leg jeans and a knee-length sweater if needed for a less formal look. And don’t forget to trade off your heels for flats or a nice pair of sandals. 


2. The Plunging Bodysuit

Whos a fan of the deep V tops? Welp, there are bodysuits that have that design element! We love us a good deep V plunge bodysuit. Wearing a plunging bodysuit you can make a real daring style statement. What's great about this style bodysuit is that the style stays in place it keeps the hop tucked in. It screams sexy, the plunge bodysuit is a way to show off your sexy side ladies, it gives your counterparts a peek at what your working with. This will pair great with some wide legged trousers or even a hot patent leather skinny pant.  Either way, your gonna look great in it.  


3. The Cutout Bodysuit

We love a good cutout! It gives a sexy peek of skin. So a cut paired with a bodysuit is definitely goals. You might ultimately want to grow a wardrobe full of all different types of body suits, but it’s always best to start wise and weigh all your options for your initial shopping. And talking about bodysuits these possibilities are not limited at all. Bodysuit form and transform a look. If you're afraid to show it all in lace or the deep plunge, try a sexy cute cutout. It shows some skin but not too much! 


4.The Turtleneck Bodysuit 

The stylists at Pearls Boutique Shop are fans on the sleeveless turtleneck bodysuit. It compliments any look. The Turtleneck bodysuit creates a lux and flattering style. Pair it with a skater skirt and some cute booties, or you can throw it on with your favorite pair of skinny jeans. This bodysuit is suitable for a day or night look. Wear it to work and throw a cute cardigan over the shoulder with some boss lady trousers or glam it up a bit with a hot mini skirt and thigh high boots. This turtle neck bodysuit is a win win. 


5. The Tank Bodysuit

 The Tank Bodysuit is a  basic wardrobe staple. IT GOES WITH EVERYTHING! The tank bodysuit teams up really well with a black leather pencil skirt to show off elegance and style. This bodysuit is the one that blends with denim. Cut off short or nice distressed denim jeans will do the trick. A denim button-down shirt tucked into your jeans might bring you more comfort. You might want to grab an open front floral kimono to give your style a more boho look. A black midi skirt and jacket is another look you should consider investing in since it’s a season transitional style. 

It’s time for you to decide which style bodysuit one you prefer: Either way the bodysuit that you choose will complement your style and make you stand out and feel spectacular.  You can find your dream bodysuit on our fashionable collection of bodysuits. And if you’re packing your suitcase for a little getaway or planning to add perfect dresses to your wardrobe check Pearls Boutique Shop for affordable yet luxe items.
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